Thursday, October 29, 2009

Growing Up Sooooo Fast!!!

I have heard it time and time again and all of you parents out there have been through it. "They grow up too fast." I always assumed it was true but now there is no doubt in my mind. I have loved every single moment with my little man so far and am so excited for all that is too come. My heart is filled with so much joy everyday. I have wanted to be a mom ever since I can remember and never imagined it would be this wonderful!
All of the fun, anticipation, planning, waiting, wanting, sadness, testing, procedures, doubt, pain, surgery, fear, etc. that came in the process of creating our little miracle was well worth it. I would do it a hundred times over to experience all of this.
Here are some pictures from the last few weeks.

First bite of rice cereal.

First basketball game with Dad!

Sitting up on his own. If I balance him, he will sit there for 10-20seconds.

Tummy Time.

"Pumpkin Butt"

My first glove! Dad just couldn't resist.

My first car! Thanks Grandpa.

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