Tuesday, September 13, 2011

No longer a baby!

So there really isn't much baby left in our BOY. Other than not being fully potty trained he is all "Big Boy" now. :( Recently he got a new room with a big boy bed and has made the transition very well. His naps have shortened a little but other than that he is sleeping great!

First night in his new room...sleeping like a rock.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Can he BE any cuter?!

Paul and I have decided that we want to get pics done for Talan each year until he is in school. This year the budget was tight so we just decided to go to Walmart. They had a special for one pose. We thought... "we can choose one pose, right?". WRONG! She did a great job and we spent 1.5 times more than we wanted, but ultimately we got the CD and fabulous pictures.

So, I know I am his mom, but really...he could not be any cuter!!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Busy Busy!

So we have been super busy lately and I am working almost full time now, so my blogging has fallen by the wayside!

We had a great time at Talan's birthday party. We love having all the space in the yard so the kids can run around safely and us parents can relax and enjoy good company.

The Boys!
Waiting for my cake.

Yummy train cake, mommy made.

Last man standing.

The girls.

The awesome slide Papa scored for me.

Testing the water.

Not too sure about the slide. (the older kids LOVED it)

Yummy cookies for the kids take home bags.

My cool shirt mommy made.

So for the fourth of July weekend we planned to go camping at Crescent lake with my parents. Well after a few mishaps and some bad luck we had no where to go as of Saturday morning. Then with some creativity my dad found us a spot at a KOA out by Haystack resevoir. It is actually a perfect camping spot with a 2 year old. Clean, grassy, safe and best of all they had a pool. Much warmer than the lake water around here.

In the pool with Daddy.

Enjoying my race car boat.

First popsicle!!!

Always playing baseball.

Swinging a bat as big as I am!

After camping we came back into bend for a couple of 4th of July parties.

At the top of the waterfall.

Yes, this is in someone's yard!!

At the park for our second party, playing frisbee and walking the dog.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Holy Moly!

I can not beleive that my little man is two already!

He is so much fun it is hard to explain. He is always smiling and ready for a good laugh. He laughs at everything. When he hears someone laugh in the grocery store, when you make a funny face, when he makes a funny face, when you scold him (not the best time, but still cute), everytime his Nonna laughs, when you chase him, when he chases the dog, when he mimics your sneeze (says achoo and giggles), and when watching a funny show. His best friend is Lucas Samuel (Gina and Kevin's son). They get along and play so well together. They seriously crack each other up. All they have to do is say a word or make a sound and it will make one of them laugh and then the other one starts. They truly love each other...to the extent of holding hands in the car when their car seats are next to each other. Too darn cute. I am sure I have left out plenty of situation but you get the point!

Speaking of shows he is in love with Yaya and Boops (Dora and Boots for those of you that don't speak Talan). He could watch this show all day long! He dances to them, answers their questions, and love to yell "MAP"!

As much as he loves the TV he does not get much time in the day to watch it. He is super active and already LOVES ball sports. (It's in the blood and makes his Daddy, Papa and Uncle Nate so very proud) He got a T and bat set from his Auntie and Uncle on his first birthday and uses it on a daily basis (weather permiting). He will spend 30-60 minutes, easy, just playing by himself. He hits the ball, goes and gets it and hits it again. So much fun to watch. I was sitting at our patio table one day and he ripped a line drive past me that litterally went a good 20feet. We can not wait untill he is old enough to play T-ball. He also has an incredible arm and loves to throw. If you are not carefully paying attention he may send a "zinger" right at you! Another favorite past time is soccer in the house with Daddy...a nightly occurance around our house. They have a carboard box against the wall "the goal". They run around dribbling and shooting goals. Love the laughs and excitement that I hear when my boys are playing.

He is still as I like to call him "the strong silent type", not too verbal (getting better daily) but he is so smart. He knows and understands everything. He is so observant: when he sees a Jeep Wrangler he says "Daddy",a white truck, "Papa" and a black car, "Nonna". He can say the entire alphabet (along with me), although his favorite letter is B. He loves it and will pick it out all over the place; signs, shirts, tv, etc. He also loves his animal flash cards. Last month he pulled them out of the drawer while no one was looking and picked up different cards saying what they were...Bear, Rabbit, Bee, etc. So cute. I love it when I catch him playing by himself so involed in what he is doing. It will be quite some nights while I am cooking dinner (always raises a red flag) and I will look in the living room to find him quietly reading a book on the floor. Melts my heart every time!

He is a lover too! Too busy to snuggle most of the time but is pretty much always good for a hug and a kiss. I am sure this won't last forever, but I make sure to get my fill why I can.

Talan James Kincannon, you are the light of our life and make everyday worth the struggles that we might face. We love you more that you will ever know!!!!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter and The Egg Hunter Extraordinaire

We had a great Easter! Talan totally got the concept of the egg hunt this year. He had an overflowing basket right away and was not ready to stop. We had to give away a lot of his eggs to the other kiddos! So much fun.

Coloring Easter Eggs

First Egg!!

Finding all the eggs!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Well, Life continues to be busy and full of the good, the bad and the ugly(or stinky)!

The Good:

All and all our family is doing great! Getting ready for spring and summer arrive so we can enjoy the outdoors, our yard and finish/continue all our projects. On the list for this year: Finish the chicken coop and run (this has to do with the ugly/stinky part, but I will get to that in a bit), buy/build a shed, and grow some veggies. I have my starter plants planted and the makeshift green house was up, but has since been blown over by the wind. Repairing that will be added to our list.

My little conductor! He loves his trains.

Talan is doing great and is the light of our lives. He is still not talking much...the strong silent type I guess, but he is so smart and aware of everything that is around him. He even yells "Daddy" when he sees a Jeep Wrangler on the road. He is so very active and loves anything that has to do with sports, especially balls and boy does he have am arm!

The Bad:

For those of you that know we still have our house in San Diego...that will no longer be the case after this year. We are in the short sale process as we speak. This was an incredibly hard and long overdue decision that we had to make. We are so sad that we are officially closing the chapter of our San Diego life. We will miss having that tie, but the stress that we will relieve will be worth it in the end. You never know someday when our finances turn around maybe we can afford a little vacation rental! Sigh...

The Ugly (stinky):

We decided to get some baby chicks this year and raise them for the fresh eggs. We are still really excited for the eggs and Talan has loved every minute of raising these chicks. Me on the other hand...NOT SO MUCH! They were cute little fuzzy chicks for about a week. Then they became half fuzzy, half feathered, very stinky, kinda awkward looking, dirty, chick/chickens! They need to be in 90-95 degrees for the first week and then the temp can lower about 5 degrees each week. With the lovely Central Oregon weather that we have they have a very slim chance of surving out side before they are 45-60 days old. Really? This is way too long to keep them in the house, we came home the other night and could smell them the moment we walked in the door (they are in the bathroom). I could not take it anymore and decided there was no other option than to put them in our uninsulated garage. We did that and thankfully with the heating lamp they are still staying warm enough and doing well. We can not wait to get them in their coop. The next day I spent 2 hours cleaning my bathroom from floor to ceiling. Ahh so nice to have them out of the house.

One of my "pretty"?! ladies

On another note, this could have been in the bad section but is now under the "So far So Good" category. One of my closest and longest friends Gina went into pre-term labor last week and had to spend 8 days in the hospital. She is now at home on bed rest, but has not had the baby...Thank you Lord. So during her stay in the hospital we took Lucas (her 2 year old son) for part of the time. The boy are best buddies and had a great time.

The boy on the see saw

Enjoying a good breakfast

Bath time for best buddies!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

It's been a while

I just can seem to stay consistant with my blog.
Not much to say but, here are some great pictures from the last month or so.
Lots of activities to keep the little man busy! (and mommy)
Testing out the kennell for the chicks
The chicks settling into their newly tested home
Baking cookies with mommy for the 1st time
Playing the drums (this happens daily now)
Parental Warning!...this is what happens when you leave a toddler with a news paper for 30seconds.