Monday, April 27, 2009

Nate and Emily Hughes

Well, I am now 32 weeks and officially exhausted. This last week has been so tiring yet so incredible. We just got home today from My brothers wedding weekend in AZ. He was married to Emily Ann Myers, yesterday, April 26th. It was probably the most touching ceremony that I have ever attended and a great party as well.

I am at such peace knowing that my brother has found the perfect woman for him. I have always respected him so much, as a man, and known that God had a plan to bring him the perfect mate. Watching that come to pass yesterday made my heart very happy!!!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

30 Weeks

Only 10 weeks to go!!
I am starting to feel a little tired again. So, I am preparing myself for a very busy wedding weekend. My brother is getting married on April 26th in Arizona. I am so excited, but I know that by the time we get home I may need my husband to carry me off the plane. My parents will be in AZ for the week prior, which leaves me here to hold down the fort at The Body Shop. In other words I will basically be opening the club every morning at 5 am and then leaving for AZ on Friday for a crazy, busy, fun weekend. Paul and I are both in the wedding and looking forward to all the wedding activities leading up to the big day.

Baby Shower #1

Well between my mom (Nonna) and I we had about 60 people we wanted to invite to my baby shower, so we broke it down to two seperate parties. My mom hosted the first one at her home on April 11th. It was wonderful. We had a house full of incredible women and a great day of girlie baby shower fun!
A few days before my mother, grandmother and aunt-in-laws came to visit and be in town for the baby shower. We had a really nice time with them.