Wednesday, April 15, 2009

30 Weeks

Only 10 weeks to go!!
I am starting to feel a little tired again. So, I am preparing myself for a very busy wedding weekend. My brother is getting married on April 26th in Arizona. I am so excited, but I know that by the time we get home I may need my husband to carry me off the plane. My parents will be in AZ for the week prior, which leaves me here to hold down the fort at The Body Shop. In other words I will basically be opening the club every morning at 5 am and then leaving for AZ on Friday for a crazy, busy, fun weekend. Paul and I are both in the wedding and looking forward to all the wedding activities leading up to the big day.


  1. Sleep while you can! :) That's advice you will need to live by for the next year! :) But it's oh so worth it. (I say this while Maddie is trying to see how loud she can yell- literally!)