Sunday, August 2, 2009

Road Trip, Family, Fair, Museum and More

Well, We have been super busy in the last month. Talan took his first road trip, met a bunch of family, went to the fair, had his first museum trip, and his first car show.

In the middle of the month My Mom, Dad, Talan and I took a road trip to California. Talan got to meet three of his Great Grandparents for the first time. That Friday we spent the morning with My Mom's parents. My Grandma really enjoyed being able to hold him and just look at him, unfortunately my Grandpa is suffering from dementia and was very uncomfortable with the baby around. It was very sad to see, but I am still thankful that Talan got to meet him while he is still around.

We stayed with my Dad's mom for the weekend and she was able to get some good quality time with him. All of the Great Grandparents were a little uncomfortable holding him, which led to more fussiness, but all and all it was very special weekend.

On Saturday my Mom and I attended the wedding of one of her best friend's daughter. We had a great time and Talan was a crowd favorite. The father of the groom actually stopped while walking down the isle to point out Talan to his wife!

At the end of July Paul's Mother, Grandmother and Aunt came to visit. We had a great week full of food and Fun. We went to the fair one day and to the High Desert Museum and Talan did great. That same day we went to a car show in Drake Park. Talan was in his stroller for most of the day, but halfway through the show he let us know that he was "over it". So we pulled him out and walked with him facing out. He was much happier that way. I think he has a love for cars just like Mommy and Daddy.

He is getting bigger by the day and we continue to see changes in his personality and his habits. He is sleeping well at night and having more awake time during the day. He also is not crying as much during that time, focusing on people/objects better and he even reached out and grabbed on to a stuffed animal that is on his changing table.

We are have a blast with him and are looking forward to all "the firsts" that the future has to offer.
Sacked out in the car, on the way to Cali
Talan trying on Grandpa's hat at Great Grandma Hughes'
Talan with Great Grandma and Grandpa Bisacca

Great Aunt Mary Anne, Grandma Kincannon, Great Grandma Lindeman, Talan and Daddy

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